Take Charge of Your Health, Take Charge of Your Life!

I’m sure that you have been seeing the news and reading the articles. In some way, the state of our society’s health and healthcare is always a hot topic of discussion wherever you turn. Sometimes it’s a way to lose weight fast with the latest diet fad that the celebrities are doing. At other times its looking at your television in horror as the latest medication or drug is advertised to, simultaneously, suppress the root cause of depression, insomnia or high blood pressure while also causing side effects far worse than what the medication is actually attempting to help! I know you’ve seen countless commercials of this sort that make it a point to quickly list the side effects so that you can’t catch all that they are saying. Believe me when I say that it’s done on purpose.

On top of all that you are told by the media, you also have to contend with the fact that inflation causes all cost of living expenses to go up without the benefit of work wages and salaries doing the same type of rise to match it.

With the way things are nowadays, you need two incomes flowing through the home.

Which means that you and your partner have to work long hours per week just to make it through. I know firsthand that tending to your family and to yourself in this fast-paced world can really take its toll. Between your busy schedules, stress, and inconsistency to focus within, you can’t take the time to love and nurture yourselves to the best of your ability. Therefore, you may find that you fall victim to unhealthy habits, which lead to a plethora of problems later in life manifesting in your body as high cholesterol, diabetes, excess weight, hypertension, heart problems and so much more.

We Live in a Counterproductive World.

In this part of the western hemisphere, we’re constantly given conflicting messages about how to reach and maintain optimal health for ourselves and for our families. If we want to lose weight, how can we do that when it seems more expensive to buy fresh foods, but McDonalds and other fast food places are always cheap and convenient? How can we lower our blood pressure, relieve our migraines, and ease back pain when we have to work 40-80 hours a week and immediately go into mommy or daddy mode right after coming home with no time to relax or have any peace? How do we get our children to behave in school when most of the foods that we can fix them are filled with sugar?

The Fit Key Has Solutions

My name is Keon Moffat and I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my site! This platform was created for people to inquire, share and be properly informed about their lifestyle options. I am quite passionate about helping families get fit together and changing their lifestyle for the better. My job is to make sure that you don’t ever feel doomed by a doctor’s diagnosis. Why? Because all that you are suffering from right now, all that is chronically plaguing you and causing you the biggest frustrations can be cured..naturally.

We Must Change Our Minds In Order To Change Our Lives!

In today’s world, there are so many restrictions and constraints when trying to live a more wholesome life that preserving our health should be a main priority. We must hold ourselves accountable! Everything going on inside of us reflects on the outside of us, and its imperative that we communicate and verbalize what we are feeling, what we are going through and what we desire. This journey isn’t an easy one and you will need as much encouragement as possible. Luckily for you, this is where I come in.

Through the offering of my online wellness coaching services, you will have a well-rounded support system to depend on through this journey towards achieving optimal health. My specialty lies within providing you with healing detox programs that start the process of recharging your health. My detox programs serve to help flush the body of toxins and excess waste, which will allow it to be open, clear and receptive enough to absorb all the essential nutrients it will be re-introduced to. Not only will you experience the weight loss you’ve always wanted, you will also have more energy, cleaner livers and kidneys, lowered inflammation, a stronger immune system that prevents former ailments from coming back and a renewed sense of confidence that you are able to take control of your life again. With the additional help of our customized meal plans, workout videos, recommended herbs and minerals and learning how to transform your water, you will have the jumpstart you need.

I want to offer a safe space for people to free their minds and heal their bodies. I welcome people from all walks of life with love and dignity!